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Main factory
3-5-21, Kashita-nishi, Higashi-Osaka city, Osaka prefecture, 577-0835, Japan
TEL : 06-6728-7615  FAX : 06-6720-2390
Head office map
Established: July, 24th, 1962
Capital 12,000,000 yen
Employee number    110
Areas of business   
  • LCD and PDP glass processing machines
    (Fully automatic glass loader, scriber, breaker, edge grinding machines for various glass substrates, precision cleaning systems, etc.)
  • Precision glass scribing machines for LCDs
  • Edge beveling machines for LCDs
  • Processing machines for microscope slide and cover glass
  • Processing machines for automobile glass
  • Cutting, grinding and processing machines for automobile side mirrors
  • CNC glass cutting machines
  • Fully automatic glass cutting machines with automatic loading units
  • Fully automatic glass transferring units
  • Double edge grinding machines
  • CNC shape edge grinding machines
  • NC multi-axis drilling machines
  • Washing/cleaning and drying machines
  • Equipments and devices for insulating glass (fully automatic and semi-automatic)
  • Equipments and devices for laminating glass
  • Other products can also be custom made as requested.
  • General industrial-use pressing machines
Main banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Kosaka branch
Resona Bank, Ltd., Ikuno branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Higashi-Osaka branch
Osaka Higashi Shinkin Bank, Mito branch

3-5-21, Kashita-nishi, Higashi-Osaka city, Osaka prefecture, 577-0835, Japan
TEL:06-6728-7615 FAX:06-6720-2390
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