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SHIRAI's technology

Our accumulating glass cutting and processing skills have always helped us build more enhanced machines for the next generations.

We believe that "State-of-the-art technology" can only be acquired through continuous research and development. Over the forty-plus years of the history of SHIRAI TECH, we have committed ourselves to researching and developing advanced technology. Since the times when we were only making sheet glass processing equipment, we have always provided labor-efficient, high-performance and high-quality scribing and breaking machines to the market with pride. Using the experience and knowledge we had acquired, SHIRAI entered the field of flat panel displays in 1996 and grew to be a leading machine supplier for many major names in the FPD industry around the world. In the year 2000, SHIRAI expanded the business and main factory to enhance FPD glass processing functions of the SHIRAI machines and further contribute to the market.
This TFT-LCD cutting/breaking machine has been designed and developed to reduce labor and meet many requirements such as efficiency and cost-performance. In addition, this machine has proven to be three or more times higher in productivity than the conventional cutting/breaking machines.
As the sizes of glass substrates continue to increase, we have always pursued to design a machine with smaller footprints and higher productivity via research and development activities at levels not one, but two steps higher than proposed standards.

By incorporating knowledge acquired from the sheet glass cutting and processing field into our FPD processing machines, SHIRAI has innovated the FPD industry and established a high position in the FPD cutting and processing market.

SHIRAI's corporate philosophy is "Creativity is the key to products rich in quality and value." While preserving traditional knowledge and technology, SHIRAI never forgets to advance to the next step with new ideas to adapt to the times. This mentality has also helped SHIRAI enter the FPD industry. SHIRAI seized the golden opportunity to move one step further when the industry required revolution following the drastic grow in demand for TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistors - Liquid Crystal Display) panels led by the spread of cellular phones, computers, and home theater systems. SHIRAI will continue endeavoring to meet customer needs and demands with traditional yet innovative products.
* FPD : Flat Panel Display
Thin lightweight video displays used in laptop computers and flat panel TVs. FPDs include LCD-TFT displays and plasma displays.
Up to now, cutting and processing coated glass substrates required methods that would not damage the coated surface, but were inefficient. However, after intense research and development, SHIRAI has succeeded in manufacturing a machine which employs a cutting method where the coated surface is scribed without any problems, thus drastically improving productivity.

We believe the key to "keeping up with the times" is to keep polishing and reforming skills through continuous research and development.

With the release of a multi-cutter FPD cutting machine with three or more times the productivity of conventional machines, SHIRAI's entry into the FPD market was achieved relatively smoothly. We are confident that the Non-rotating ODF cell scribing machine, which was developed to increase speed, efficiency, cost performance and reduce labor, will play an important role in the growing FPD manufacturing industry in the near future. Also, we believe that our "top & bottom side" cutting method will be the key to solving problems in the cutting, flipping, and breaking processes for large-sized glass panels, which are certain to continue growing in size in the future. SHIRAI TECH will further continue polishing skills and technology to provide high-quality and innovative products.

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