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SHIRAI TECH has achieved the silver prize award in the “Monozukuri” (innovative manufacturing) awards sponsored by the Higashi-Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Higashi-Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Monozukuri” silver award plaqueSHIRAI TECH has proudly achieved the 5th Higashi-Osaka
"Monozukuri (innovative manufacturing)" silver prize award in 2003.


SHIRAI TECH as a specialty maker of glass processing machines:
Founded in 1962, SHIRAI TECH has since then dedicated itself in developing and manufacturing glass scribing and processing machines. By using our accumulated knowledge and continuing to develop and improve our glass cutting and processing products, we have grown to be a reliable supplier for major LCD and PDP makers around the world. SHIRAI TECH will continue aiming to meet customer needs and demands with traditional yet innovative products.
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