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1960/6 SHIRAI IRON WORKS is established in Kizuri, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
1962/7 Company name changes to SHIRAI IRON WORKS CO., LTD.
1964/10    The company moves to our current location upon completion of the new factory, and commences business activities in the industrial-use and small-sized machine market.
1967/3 The company begins designing and manufacturing glass processing machines upon receiving orders for glass manufacturing machines from NIPPON SHEET GLASS CO., LTD.
1974/9 The company develops its first automatic cross cutting machine.
1975/4 The company begins mass production of the automatic cross cutting machines and also develops a series of machine models which include double-edge grinding machines, shape edge grinding machines for automobiles, drilling machines and washing/cleaning machines.
1981/5 The company introduces the Numerical-Controlled (NC) Automatic Scriber "STC150115".
1982/9 The company succeeds in developing the world's first computer-equipped NC cutting machine with interactive, automatic cutting size and pitch calculation functions for normal and wired architectural glass.
1986/10 The company expands the factory with a goal to release new models annually. As a result, automobile glass processing machines, automatic LCD glass loading, scribing, grinding and cleaning machine systems, microscope slide glass processing machines, water-jet cutting machines, automatic glass transferring, loading and cutting machines, and manufacturing machines for insulated glass are introduced.
1996 With confidence in the 35 years of accumulated technological knowledge and skills in the glass processing field, the company decides to enter the field of FPD glass substrate processing machines.
1999/5 The company develops the world's fastest cutting and processing machine for color filter (CF) glass substrates.
2000/9 A new factory is established, along with upgrades done to the main factory building, to further expand the company's business activities in the FPD glass substrate cutting and processing machine market.
2002/2 The company changes its name to SHIRAI TECH, LIMITED.
2002/6 The vertical-type PDP glass dual-side scribing, breaking and R-beveling machines are introduced.
2003/10 The Generation 5 (G-5) cell panel non-rotation scribing and breaking machine is introduced.
2003/12 The G-5 DENSEPAK glass loading system and conveyor (equipped with dual-side film peeling unit) is introduced.

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