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CF, TFT, PDP processing machines

Glass substrate R-beveling machine

Glass substrate R-beveling machine
Glass substrate R-beveling machine

This machine has been developed for performing R-beveling on relatively large CF, TFT and PDP panels. By inputting the R-corners, orientation corner, corner-cutting pattern and glass size, the computer will automatically create all glass pattern data, and the CNC control unit will operate the grinding machine with a grinding accuracy (outer size accuracy) of under ±50µm. Also, the table is a suction (vacuum) holding-type which firmly holds one side of the glass (without actually touching the glass surface) to prevent movement of the glass during the operation and achieve highly accurate perpendicular and ground corners.

<< Specifications >>
Machine size CGE-750 CGE-1000 CGE-1300
Maximum processing size 750mm x 650mm 1000mm x 800mm 1300mm x 1000mm
Glass thickness 0.4mm ~ 3.2mm 0.4mm ~ 3.2mm 0.4mm ~ 3.2mm
* Machine details and specifications may be modified by SHIRAI TECH at any time without prior notice.

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