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General industrial-use pressing machines

Dieing machine (Wide type: Equipped with CNC roll feeder)

Dieing machine (Wide type: Equipped with CNC roll feeder)
Dieing machine (Wide type: Equipped with CNC roll feeder)

This dieing machine is a (rod) pull-down stroking type, with the motor located at the bottom of the machine. The machine has a 4-post precision guide, special structure, and a highly rigid body to help minimize frame deflection (which is common in gap frame, or C-frame types), it is low in height, and the accuracy of the machine and bottom dead-point have passed the highest JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) class of the Japanese Standards Association (JSA). The "4-post press and pull-down mechanism" is the main characteristic of the machine, allowing it to feed material in a consistent and accurate manner, and making it a very versatile machine suitable for high-speed feeding operations which also require strict accuracy.

Models: 15-ton, 20-ton, 40-ton, 60-ton, 80-ton

* We accept customer requests regarding items such as number of strokes, stroke length, shut height, punching hole size, etc.
* We also accept custom orders regarding the lengths between the four posts.

<< Examples of application >>
This machine has a wide application range, ranging from:
a) high-precision press operations for paper, plastic and other delicate materials which also require dies that have no clearance;
b) difficult pressing operations for film materials;
c) high-speed, highly accurate, and highly efficient pressing (blanking, bending and drawing) operations for electronic parts, automotive parts, architectural hardware, EI cores, motor cores, batteries barrels, lead-frames, terminals, contacts, watch and clock parts, camera parts, bearing retainers, etc.;
d) compound pressing operation for processing material fed from different directions and;
e) press operations within shearing-press lines and automated lines.

* Machine details and specifications may be modified by SHIRAI TECH at any time without prior notice.

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