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Higashi-Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Monozukuri silver award plaque

SHIRAI TECH has achieved the silver prize award in the 5th "Monozukuri" (innovative manufacturing) awards sponsored by the Higashi-Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2003.

-- About the Higashi-Osaka Industrial award --
The aim of the Higashi-Osaka Monozukuri awards (hereafter called "the awards") is to activate regional industries by annually commending the small and medium-sized companies which are located in Higashi-Osaka city, have developed new and advanced products and/or technology, and have high growth potentials.

Requirements to enter this competition are: the company's home office must be located in Higashi-Osaka city; the company must have been a member of the Higashi-Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry for more than 1 year; and the company must satisfy at least one of the requirements below:
1. The company operates with less than 300 million yen in capital, or less than 300 employees.
2. The company consists of a group of small and medium-sized enterprises which all work in different business fields.

The top three companies achieve awards consisting of gold, silver or bronze.

Awards go to companies which have with the most original and ingenious products or technology that contributed to the growth of the company; have firm business foundations; and are continuously growing through active research and development.
How the awardees are chosen: A committee made up of academic people, journalists, and directors of the chamber of commerce and industry, will nominate the candidate companies and then decide the winners at a president conference.
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