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Double-side wrapping and polishing machine

Double-side wrapping and polishing machine
Double-side wrapping and polishing machine

This double-side wrapping and polishing machine consists of two round stages ("upper stage" and "lower stage") and two glass-carrier gears ("inner/sun gear" and "outer/ring gear"). During operation, the upper and lower stages will rotate in opposite directions from each other, while the inner and outer glass-carrier gears will turn to move the glass carriers around the spindle of the lower stage (and in the same direction as the lower stage). At the same time, the glass carriers themselves will also be rotating in the opposite direction of the inner gear. As a result, the glass in the carriers will be polished equally from a multiple of directions, achieving a highly accurate and highly smooth surface.
This machine was developed by our technology partner company, CMT Co., Ltd. in South Korea, to meet customer demands for machines that polish thinner and smaller-sized LCD substrates. Currently, there are five 30B-type machines in operation, and two new 42B-type machines have been introduced.

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  Table sizes Processing glass sizes No. of carriers
30B Φ2042 400 ~ 600mm 5
42B Φ2838 650 ~ 750mm 5
* Machine details and specifications may be modified by SHIRAI TECH at any time without prior notice.

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