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CF, TFT, PDP processing machines

LCD & PDP polishing machine

LCD & PDP polishing machine
LCD & PDP polishing machine

This is a robust, single-side polishing machine for polishing LCD and PDP panels. By polishing the panels with a scrubbing motion, this machine is capable of achieving a perfect flatness of the surface. The pressure plate has been designed to incline 60< when mounting and dismounting glass panels, making the machine easy to operate and highly productive.
* This polishing machine was developed by our technology partner company CMT Co., Ltd. in South Korea, with over 400 machines having been sold in the past.
(Model No.: CLCD-800, 900, 1200, 1400, 1800, Other sizes can also be specially made by request)

* Machine details and specifications may be modified by SHIRAI TECH at any time without prior notice.

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